Video is not about creativity, it's about effectiveness.

This is the Video Maturity Model.

Video is the most powerful instrument for communication. But with its power also comes complexity, inflexibility and costs. So it needs to be managed: mature. The Video Maturity Model is a tool to help organizations that use video. It allows you to identify your strong points and fields of attention on the management of video in your organization.

The Video Maturity Model is being used by different organizations across the globe and it helps you to think on 8 different aspects around video: Content, Production, Publication, Performance, Strategy, Resources, Videomanagement and Processes.

Your Video Maturity is presented in a simple score (from 0 to 99 points) and in a clear radar chart. You will also get a 14-paged report based on your answers as well as advice from experts on how to increase the effectiveness of video. The report is a perfect aide for discussions on priority with Senior Management.

Although the Video Maturity Model is not an exam, you will get a commemorative certificate if you score more than 75 points.

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How does the assessment work?

The model is pretty straight forward.  It costs: € 59,00. (Click for USD)

You will get approximately 60 serious questions on the way you handle video as an organization. These questions are the result of many years of experience in professionalizing video in midsized and large organizations. The assessment will take about 15 minutes to answer.

At the end of the assessment you will get:

  • A comprehensive and tailor-made advice report of 14 pages: The best approach to start improving the effectiveness.
  • The Video Maturity-score: from 00 to 99 points.
  • Insights into your performance on the eight individual aspects of Video Maturity: the radar-chart.
  • Your relative position compared to benchmark organizations.
  • Depending on your results you can download a commemorative certificate.

Read our frequently asked questions:

Advice report to improve the effectiveness of video
Certificate of effectiveness use of video

The eight aspects of video maturity.


Whether you use video to align staff on the other side of the globe or inform consumers around the corner, the ability to translate content-needs of audiences into effective video is a clear sign of incipient maturity.


Excellent production is characterized by the ability to deliver creativity within time and budget.


Publication of video is often more crucial for its success than the production. Therefore it's important to understand (video)platforms and how to use them.


Expectations and results. The better an organization is in measuring the performance of video, the better their results will be.


The more mature an organization is, the more obvious the position of video is within strategies for customers, staff and communication.


It's not about spending as little money on video as possible. It's about commitment and value for money; and being in control.


The people that are in control of video are the ones that are in the lead to improve all seven other aspects. The better the videomanager, the better the results of video for your organization.


The more organizations treat video as a normal form of communication; the more they work with standardized processes and the more they are in control of those processes.

Scores and conclusions


< 50

If you score less than 50 points you don't take video as seriously as you should. If your score is lower than 35 points then your organization is Very Immature, when it comes to video. Use the report and our action plan to start professionalizing.


50 > 75

You are Adolescent if you have started professionalizing, but still have some steps to take. Use the advice report to improve your results.


> 75

If your score is above 75 points, then you may consider your organization Mature in the effective use of video. You will be able to download your commemorative certificate. Organizations that surpass 85 points are Very Mature.

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Eclipse Videomanagement is specialized in professionalizing video for larger organizations and enterprises.

Stadsbuzz helps Dutch (small) businesses to tell and visualize their story.

F111 Communication and Marketing is official partner of the Video Maturity Model. They are Netherlands based and are specialized in Product videos and Augmented Reality.